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  1. John G says:

    Hi Sean, as a PEI resident that suffers chronic back pain due to 2 MVA (2003 & 2008) I am extremely interested in your experiences, both good and bad, in trying to get your license. Seems like I can get all the ‘big pharma’ help I want, in fact so much so that I could easily become ‘zombiefied’ with the blessing of both the Island’s healthcare system and the insurance companies… but only big pharma options. Since I want to live, I have to actively balance the pain with the stupification caused by a frequently changed cocktail arrangements of various pills. I applaud your journey and battles and understand the work issue causing you to relocate… I find it extremely hard to approach ‘prospective’ employers for even part-time work, knowing that there are days when I may be less than 100% when I do make it in. While I am getting up and out of bed every day there are some when even that can take as much as an hour to accomplish… so that puts returning to the restaurant industry highly unlikely. And while my wife has a good job and I don’t have to work, it can be depressing to feel,at times, that I am not contributing much beyond the occasional load of laundry, etc. Keep fighting the good fight

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