Why I don’t have cable

For 15 years or so I paid for cable TV access. To start I was just like everyone else, porting it directly into my TV – then digital receiver. By the end I had 2 pvr’s from the cable company, and 2 media PC’s – each with 2 tuners apiece. I was able to record 8 shows at once, half of which were immediately available across my entire network as MPEG4’s.

Now … what’s the point? Everything’s available as quickly as it’s aired/released via torrent – sometimes even sooner. Popular channels are available via live stream – commercials and all. They may well be local to a far foreign land, but still.

Myself, I primarily watch sports channels/events live, and download movies, or shows to watch in batches. Stream2Watch, iLive, and goatd account for 99% of my browser activity that isn’t Facebook/youTube related.

For those that aren’t familiar, check out:

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Some Ultimate Video


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Addicted to Living

It’s scary how many people seem to think marijuana is addictive – as a personal with extensive personal experience, I have NO idea what they base their belief on. I’ve seen television shows and read plenty of stories about people being ‘addicted’ to eating pennies or smelling the flatulence of strangers so I’m sure there’s probably a few diagnosed cases of weed-addicts out there, but outside of the freak segment of the population I don’t think the theory holds any water at all.

I’m not addicted to cannabis – I’ve given it up completely for extended periods before, and never suffered from any symptoms of withdrawal aside from a minor amount of insomnia; easily treated by cutting my caffeine intake and/or exercising more. I certainly can’t say the same for Percocet – after 2 weeks of prescribed use I found myself sweating and shaking in bed for 3 days, and ready to kill any who dared to approach, with a severe case of “the D-T’s”. Stopping taking slow release morphine after months of continued use left me shivering, cold, constantly fighting back a headache, mentally frazzled, and irritable for weeks. Continue reading

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Life’s a Bitch – Get Over It, and Smile ;)

People have often asked how I manage to maintain a smile with all I’ve been through in life. I used to stumble over an answer, trying to explain how I found the key to maintaining a positive outlook was to slap on a goofy grin when all else failed, and do my best to believe it – I actually found it pretty darn successful too. Recently though, a friend summed it up far better with a very succinct expression: “fake it ‘til you make it”.

It’s a pretty apt summation I think. Whatever it takes, even if it’s strategically lying to yourself or playing ignorant, keep moving forward – if things really are at their worst, it’s only bound to get better. Dark clouds define silver linings. Continue reading

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Stupid Things Said to Sick People

Sometimes the most well intentioned ‘compliment’ comes out completely wrong, and some people are just plain ignorant – either way, some times the things said to sick people are shocking.

I was having a conversation the other day about this with a few other chronically sick people, and we were laughing about some quite hard – black humour is very popular amoungst the suffering. What can I say? If nothing else, misery loves company.

Here’s a few that I’ve heard said to me, and had recanted by others Continue reading

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I am NOT a pothead – I just ingest the stuff

I am not a pothead – I just ingest the stuff. I used to claim to be one and embrace it, but it’s a term I fairly actively avoid now.

I have no ambition to have cannabis be the foundation upon which my life is built – all I want is to be able to get by through life without being financially crippled by the cost of marijuana, and suffering the stigma’s which are constantly attached to my use of it. All I want is to be ‘normal’ – work regular hours, have a family, social life, and be a contributing member of one of the greatest countries on the planet.  I don’t like being labeled with a term used to identify glaze-eyed and empty headed degenerates who lack any ambition, drive, or integrity. Continue reading

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Canna Get Less Arguing And More Co-operation?

It’s been a while since I expressed my views regarding Canada’s cannabis laws, and the medical marijuana program. Having recently moved to Toronto, and meeting a lot of new people, I didn’t want to stir the pot too much. After all, first impressions can’t be re-made; and, when meeting new people I will invariably be seen as a reflection of my friends, and the PEI MMAR community. I’ve been consciously careful to watch what I say, and try to take in as much as possible – assess the community, and evaluate the people, establishments, and systems. Continue reading

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Mobile Photos

Continue reading

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Arrival in Toronto … I actually blogged for real

After a good many hours of driving, numerous pit-stops, naps, snacks, meals, and smoke breaks (disappointingly, no visits from any ‘friends of the road’) I find myself having arrived in Toronto, Ont for the second time in a matter of mere months – for the record, the first journey by flight was quicker, cleaner, leaner, but far more boring.

Paul and I had a great road trip, and despite all kinds of discusting weather that made the driving interesting by times. Nearing our exit from Quebec, I swear that if it’s capable of falling out of the sky it certainly was then: I saw rain, hail, sleet, freezing rain, and snow all at once. Thank goodness I was motoring along in the VW Beetle – no wonder Paul says he feels as though he’s cheating when he contemplates buying a new car. It’s quite fun to drive – solid, low, nice wheel base, and great feedback.

Pictures of the fun to follow.

I’m feeling quite worn out and tired, but have already managed to make my way to Vapor Central with a three-fold mission: re-introduce myself to the Volocano, take advantage of the wireless to send around resumes, and meet up with a friend or two I’ve not seen in a while. Again, fun times.

I’ve also already managed to get myself a local phone – WOOP! The socialite and job seeker in me like being easy to contact in unlimited fashion, and the geek in me just loves the technology. Aside from the plans and phones that just aren’t available in PEI, the environment’s different – there’s no plethora of signs in any PEI shopping center encouraging shoppers to scan bar codes for deals and bargains, but here I seem to see such things everywhere.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to view a room for rent in the Annex – double WOOP! I also have 2 others to touch base with as well, but I’m not too shy to say I’m really hoping the first location works out – it’s so amazingly located, it’s almost too good to be true that it’s available in the first place. Fingers crossed folks.

Finally, coming in at triple WOOP, I suddenly had an inquiry about a job interview a short time ago. Again, fingers crossed – I’m anxious to find any decent job, but this particular position looks quite tasty.

There – I blogged. Now I officially need to clean up my front page, and add more filters.

Cheers everyone.

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About – Hash Mob

About – Hash Mob.

I’m looking forward to getting back to T-dot and hashing through 420 plans with the mob!

I highly recommend anyone curious about the medical marijuana and cannabis culture in Toronto check these folks out.

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CBC Interview – Medical Marijuana in PEI

Not a great render of the interview I just had on CBC Compass, but it’s better than nothing! Here it is on the CBC website in text form too.

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Medical pot hard to get in P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island – CBC News

Medical pot hard to get in P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island – CBC News.

Here’s a copy of the story from CBC, w/o video. The direct transcripting makes it sound a bit choppy.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the introduction for the early show short version making it sound like my frustrations with access to the program in PEI was why I was moving to Toronto, but the piece didn’t sound that way – it was just a poor introduction. The in depth piece, linked here, was much better overall.

I’ll have to get video of it asap.

Here’s the comment I left on the CBC site:

I’d invite anyone who’s had problems accessing the MMAR program in PEI, or with questions regarding the program, or treatments, to contact me (Sean) via my blog at https://shivnibble.wordpress.com/. I’m more than happy to answer questions anyone has to ask.

I was happy the CBC asked to interview me in relation to the Ontario court decision, and would like to express my thanks for their having done the story, and a good job of it at that. I hope that by sharing my experience I can help improve access, and eliminate the stereotypes participants suffer.

Just an addition to the story as reported: Marijuana aleviates the itch and pain of psoriasis, relieves gastrointestinal irritation and pain from IBS, improves a celiac’s appetite, reduces swelling and pain associated with tendonitis, and reduces stress and anxiety, but the reason I was licensed was:
– for treatment of a shooting, burning pain that radiates from my surgical incision that is unexplainable outside of ‘nerve damage’ that doctors ‘hope’ will ‘eventually’ clear on its’ own; and,
– to aid in side effects of chemo, many of which continue beyond the period of treatment: my gastrointestinal sensitivities have worsened, and I am far more suseptible to crippling tendonitis in numerous joints.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend suddenly developing cancer as any kind of fastrack towards attaining an MMAR license – while I am thankful to have received the authorization, I’d happy return it in exchange for never having to encounter the ‘big C’.

My last note is to mention that my reason for moving to Toronto is to find work – not because of this court decision. I was already packing before this was handed down.

Thanks again to the CBC for bringing light to issues pertaining to access in PEI, and hopefully reduce stigmas.

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Ontario Court Decision – A Small Island Role

Ontario Court Strikes Down Canada’s Marijuana Laws – Toke of the Town.

This is an amazing decision. Shocking, and wonderful.

I was one of a number of people who provided testimonials for Matt’s defense, detailing struggles attain access to the MMAR program due to refusal on the part of doctors. I’m thrilled to have been able to lend a voice to Matt’s defence, and was proud to attest to my participation from Day 1 – now people understand why I was so excited, and why I kept chattering about ‘my buddy Matt’ and his ‘case that could change everything’.

I did an interview with CBC for Compass News, and possibly on the radio as well. I just saw the television coverage, and I’m pretty impressed with the story that was done. Once it’s been posted to the CBC website, I’ll post some links and comment more.

I’m a little frustrated with my lack of writing more, but: I’m trying to move from PEI all the way to Toronto, on an absolute shoe-string budget that’s due to snap at any moment. What can I say? I’m busy, and writing’s taken a back seat to everything else in life. Finding out about this court decision has totally sidetracked my job hunt, and I need to get back to it!

I’ll have to send a thank you note to the CBC for doing such a good job of the story – shame on you ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Journal Pioneer’ … I’ve been writing you letters, and you don’t seem to want to publish them. Shame on you!

More to come once I have video from Compass to share.

In the meantime, checkout this video of Matt.

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Authorizing Hash Production Via MMAR Will Save Lives

When I read a story about a man setting himself on fire while attempting to make hash oil, I had 2 immediate reactions: first I felt pity for a fellow MMAR licensee having their level of suffering increased while trying to save money; secondly, I thought “you idiot – thanks for giving us all a bad name” and shook my head in discust.

While I’m disappointed in the individual for focusing negative attention towards MMAR licensees by creating a danger to the public through illegal and potentially deadly actions, as well as burdening the medical system with the cost of treating his injuries, I understand their motivation – cost recovery. Continue reading

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About the Header Image

I’m in the habit of writing descriptions for logos and other graphics I’ve designed for clients, so it seems a little silly to not offer up a description for my own header image.

The avatar to the left is a digital resemblance of self, generated on the XBOX360 platform. The overlay binary is a reference to my academic background in computer science. The Celtic five-fold overlaying the Aboriginal medicine wheel resembles the merging of historical and ancestral beliefs and practices surrounding health, wellness, and being. The cadence overlaying scales references my personal and professional interests and experiences in health and justice, policy, and ethics.

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