About Sean

My name is Sean Brady. I’m a 32yr old P-E-Islander living in Toronto, ex-Pastry Chef, UPEI graduate with a BSc in Computer Science, Co-operative Education, and Business Administration minor.

I have an incredibly diverse work history, a wide range of interests, and am innovative and creative. I am experienced in social media, programming, business analysis, video editing and encoding, multimedia development, print media, graphic design, technical and editorial writing, and project management. I am knowledged in the areas of Aboriginal research ethics, health policy, and professional practice, and am an engaging public speaker and presenter. I am musical, athletic, and have a green thumb.

I suffer from several chronic illnesses/ailments including psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, anxiety, and food allergies. I am a licensed medical marijuana user, perscribed due to nerve and vein damage suffered as a result of cancer surgery (Orchiectomy) and chemotherapy.

I have a large social conscience and for lack of better term am fairly opinionated. Lacking any other central platform, I have created this blog to host my thoughts, ramblings, and rants on subjects ranging from technology, health, and government, to religion, ethics, and society.

I hope you enjoy reading, and everyone is encouraged to comment.

Sean Brady, BSc

Resume – Sean Brady – Mar 2011


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