I am NOT a pothead – I just ingest the stuff

I am not a pothead – I just ingest the stuff. I used to claim to be one and embrace it, but it’s a term I fairly actively avoid now.

I have no ambition to have cannabis be the foundation upon which my life is built – all I want is to be able to get by through life without being financially crippled by the cost of marijuana, and suffering the stigma’s which are constantly attached to my use of it. All I want is to be ‘normal’ – work regular hours, have a family, social life, and be a contributing member of one of the greatest countries on the planet.  I don’t like being labeled with a term used to identify glaze-eyed and empty headed degenerates who lack any ambition, drive, or integrity.

I’m not much like the ‘sluts’ who will march in public in support of ‘taking back the word’ either. If anything, I think pothead is a very apt term to use negatively. There are plenty of people in society it can be applied to – how can you really fight it?

The problem is when everyone who ingests cannabis is painted with the brush of being a pothead. Sure – there’s plenty who smoke weed chronically and do nothing other than melt into the couch and fulfil every stereotype relating to lack of intelligence, drive, and ambition imaginable; but, that doesn’t mean it should apply to everyone. A broad spectrum of the population ingests cannabis for a variety of reasons – if everyone who did so was truly a ‘stoner’ I have no idea how our society would function. Everything would grind to a screeching halt if nobody showed up to work! And if you don’t believe how prevalent it is in our society, how do you explain every Tom, Dick, and Harry corner store selling plain rolling papers, but never seeing more than the odd cast-off smoking hand rolled cigarettes? Hmmmmm?????? Somebody’s using them for something!

So, what am I? Well, at this point I’m a bit of a medical marijuana missionary it would seem – spreading the word to the public about the realities surrounding Canada’s Medical Marihuana Access Regulations such as patient access, lack of financial support, and bureaucratic hassles, and battling stigmas and myths. Cannabis crusader is bit too strong of a term to apply to myself, as I try to limit my activism to medical/patient issues, not wanting to dilute my cause with a generalized mayhem of marijuana messages. I may well support a greater movement/cause, but I try to stick to spreading information that directly relates to my own experiences, conditions, and issues if for no other reason than to limit the ability of the opposition to detract from my primary message. The last thing I want is to grant any legitimacy to bogus claims of back-dooring a lifestyle through legal loopholes. I have a right to free speech across the board, but so do those who detract against the medicinal use of cannabis and I want the ground I stand on to be as firm as possible.

So, please don’t call me a pothead. If you don’t smoke weed yourself, I’m going to take it as a huge insult, and you’re going to immediately know about it. If you do smoke weed, I’ll probably just try to educate you on my position, and hope you respect it. After all, all any of us want is to be respected, right?

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