Arrival in Toronto … I actually blogged for real

After a good many hours of driving, numerous pit-stops, naps, snacks, meals, and smoke breaks (disappointingly, no visits from any ‘friends of the road’) I find myself having arrived in Toronto, Ont for the second time in a matter of mere months – for the record, the first journey by flight was quicker, cleaner, leaner, but far more boring.

Paul and I had a great road trip, and despite all kinds of discusting weather that made the driving interesting by times. Nearing our exit from Quebec, I swear that if it’s capable of falling out of the sky it certainly was then: I saw rain, hail, sleet, freezing rain, and snow all at once. Thank goodness I was motoring along in the VW Beetle – no wonder Paul says he feels as though he’s cheating when he contemplates buying a new car. It’s quite fun to drive – solid, low, nice wheel base, and great feedback.

Pictures of the fun to follow.

I’m feeling quite worn out and tired, but have already managed to make my way to Vapor Central with a three-fold mission: re-introduce myself to the Volocano, take advantage of the wireless to send around resumes, and meet up with a friend or two I’ve not seen in a while. Again, fun times.

I’ve also already managed to get myself a local phone – WOOP! The socialite and job seeker in me like being easy to contact in unlimited fashion, and the geek in me just loves the technology. Aside from the plans and phones that just aren’t available in PEI, the environment’s different – there’s no plethora of signs in any PEI shopping center encouraging shoppers to scan bar codes for deals and bargains, but here I seem to see such things everywhere.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to view a room for rent in the Annex – double WOOP! I also have 2 others to touch base with as well, but I’m not too shy to say I’m really hoping the first location works out – it’s so amazingly located, it’s almost too good to be true that it’s available in the first place. Fingers crossed folks.

Finally, coming in at triple WOOP, I suddenly had an inquiry about a job interview a short time ago. Again, fingers crossed – I’m anxious to find any decent job, but this particular position looks quite tasty.

There – I blogged. Now I officially need to clean up my front page, and add more filters.

Cheers everyone.

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