Medical pot hard to get in P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island – CBC News

Medical pot hard to get in P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island – CBC News.

Here’s a copy of the story from CBC, w/o video. The direct transcripting makes it sound a bit choppy.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the introduction for the early show short version making it sound like my frustrations with access to the program in PEI was why I was moving to Toronto, but the piece didn’t sound that way – it was just a poor introduction. The in depth piece, linked here, was much better overall.

I’ll have to get video of it asap.

Here’s the comment I left on the CBC site:

I’d invite anyone who’s had problems accessing the MMAR program in PEI, or with questions regarding the program, or treatments, to contact me (Sean) via my blog at I’m more than happy to answer questions anyone has to ask.

I was happy the CBC asked to interview me in relation to the Ontario court decision, and would like to express my thanks for their having done the story, and a good job of it at that. I hope that by sharing my experience I can help improve access, and eliminate the stereotypes participants suffer.

Just an addition to the story as reported: Marijuana aleviates the itch and pain of psoriasis, relieves gastrointestinal irritation and pain from IBS, improves a celiac’s appetite, reduces swelling and pain associated with tendonitis, and reduces stress and anxiety, but the reason I was licensed was:
– for treatment of a shooting, burning pain that radiates from my surgical incision that is unexplainable outside of ‘nerve damage’ that doctors ‘hope’ will ‘eventually’ clear on its’ own; and,
– to aid in side effects of chemo, many of which continue beyond the period of treatment: my gastrointestinal sensitivities have worsened, and I am far more suseptible to crippling tendonitis in numerous joints.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend suddenly developing cancer as any kind of fastrack towards attaining an MMAR license – while I am thankful to have received the authorization, I’d happy return it in exchange for never having to encounter the ‘big C’.

My last note is to mention that my reason for moving to Toronto is to find work – not because of this court decision. I was already packing before this was handed down.

Thanks again to the CBC for bringing light to issues pertaining to access in PEI, and hopefully reduce stigmas.

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