A Real Reaction

After reading a story on the CBC website regarding the difficulty of attaining and maintaining a medical marijuana license in PEI, I found a number of comments left by readers disturbing. a number indicated they felt the program was a scam on society by stoners looking for loopholes in the law.

I’d be interested in knowing how many people commenting on the story actually have first-hand knowledge of any of the issues involved here. Personally, I’m one of the rare MMAR licensee’s in PEI, having been issued the permit due to neuropathic nerve damage and other side effects as a result of surgery and chemotherapy for cancer. Already suffering from psoriasis, chronic tendonitis, celiac disease and IBS, I (while very thankful for the treatment, and admiring of all of the health care professionals involved) am now also afflicted with severely painful nerve and vein damage. With everything I have survived through thus far in my life, I am beyond tired of the stigma that I am little more than a stoner trying to pull the wool over society’s eyes.

There’s plenty of people out there who use marijuana recreationally – I sure used to be one of them, but I’m not anymore. There’s plenty of ‘stoners’ who come off as though their brain’s cooked – I’m not one of those either; rather I’m extremely intelligent, and highly functional. I’m an A/Dean’s List student, currently applying to a Master’s program in Health Policy.

I need marijuana to get through the day, and be a functional, contributing member to society. Anyone who thinks that’s an overstatement has never tried ingesting massive amounts of opiats in order to be able to walk properly, while being allergic to >80% of the items in grocery stores.

Being ‘legal’ is the least of my worries though – how to afford a $1200/month bill when there is NO form of coverage of the expense available anywhere, in any form, and my monthly income on EI, just off disability is less than $1400/month … well, you do the math.

Any detractors, feel free to step up. I’ll have my shoes ready for you, and a mile paced off – think you can make it?


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