Hello Folks,

Welcome to Shivnibble’s Thoughts: home to ‘Digital Ramblings, Rants, and Analysis’ by Sean Brady.

I’m using this blog as a center for most all of my online postings greater than 140 characters. You can find general editorials, product reviews, and various forms of media relating to technology, sports, health and wellness, politics, social policy, and more.

I’m also a licensed medical marijuana user and active in promoting positive information, so I post a number of related material: images from legal grows, updates on legal proceedings, and event videos. I’m by no means a ‘stoner’ in the classic sense though.

Maybe some day I’ll use this site as the base of the book everyone tells me I need to get around to writing.

Cheers Everyone, and thanks for reading.


One Response to Welcome

  1. Ken Savage says:

    I assume it will be a fictional portrayal of a boring life. (Not!)

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